Linksys Aware Chosen by Popular Science as one of: The Most Significant Security Innovations of 2020

Updated: Jan 6

The first home security system without a camera.

In Popular Science's round up of best security innovations of 2020, Linksys Aware by Belkin International received a mention

"Linksys Aware can spot changes in intensity of those waves caused by an object moving through the network’s coverage area—a first. Alerts ping the Linksys app, and you can set sensitivity levels to avoid false positives from, say, your dog chasing its tail in the kitchen," cites Popular Science.

Origin Wireless announced their partnership with Linksys Aware in December 2019. The Origin Home solution is the foundational technology powering Linksys Aware. With a simple over-the-air software update, an existing mesh WiFi network is turned instantly into an intelligent home monitoring network, conveniently controlled and customizable through a smartphone app. Origin Home™ accurately detects motion within the home using standard WiFi signals, opening the door to countless IOT applications, including home security, home automation, smart lighting, HVAC control, and smart energy management.

Read more on the Popular Science article here.

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