About Origin Wireless AI

Origin delivers Wireless AI for Smart Life by developing advanced wireless sensing technologies for a wide range of applications, including the world’s first centimeter-accuracy indoor positioning system, as well as a suite of motion sensing, breathing/sleep monitoring, and fall detection solutions. Our three core product lines - Origin Home, Origin Health, and Origin Tracking - target smart homes, cars, buildings, and factories, with use-cases in security monitoring, asset/people tracking, and elderly well-being monitoring.

Our patented wireless AI algorithms leverage the rich but unavoidable multipaths of propagating WiFi signals, yielding unprecedented visibility of the indoor environment. The Origin approach significantly improves the resolution of indoor sensing and positioning by leveraging the physical phenomenon of Time Reversal theory. We detect the tiniest of movements, such as the rise and fall of a human chest and heartbeat.

Empowered by key partnerships with the top silicon vendors, Origin transforms WiFi devices into WiFi sensors. With a simple, edge-computing software upgrade, partners can offer brand new services to customers.

After years of fundamental scientific research and ecosystem development, Origin Wireless AI is pioneering this emerging field. The term “wireless” no longer strictly applies to communication. Now, and to the future, it is a sensing solution that will forever change WiFi as we know it today, as well as future 5G systems.