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About Origin Wireless

Our Story

Origin Wireless was founded by Dr. Ray Liu, a Distinguished University Professor at the University of Maryland.

Dr. Liu and his team discovered a new way to use WiFi. Instead of just providing an internet connection, they realized WiFi could be used for sensing. This was a major breakthrough. WiFi could now be used to detect a person’s motion, breathing, falling and much more! The potential for WiFi sensing was immense.

As the pioneer trailblazing a new technology, the team developed a collection of artificial intelligence WiFi Sensing engines. These are software algorithms that analyze how WiFi waves bounce, break, and bend around people. Each algorithm is trained to detect different important events, such as a person intruding a home, a baby breathing, or an older adult falling.

We call it Wireless AI, an artificial intelligence software platform that opens up a whole new world of WiFi applications.

Origin Wireless is now rapidly commercializing its Wireless AI technology. By partnering with key players in major verticals, such as home security, healthcare, internet service providers, IoT, and automotive, we hope to bring Wireless AI to the world.

We truly believe it can make the world a safer and smarter place.

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Want the full story?

Download the Origin Wireless story pdf to learn more.

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