WiFi Can Do More. With Origin.

Home is where the heart is — and all the devices we rely on to live, connect, and thrive. Origin’s WiFi Sensing™ technology and custom applications transform smart devices into virtual sensors for a true intelligent home ecosystem — transforming the way we work, play, and keep our homes and loved ones safe.

With WiFi Sensing, you’ll never miss a beat.

It happens all too often — an elderly loved one falls in their home, just a few inches out of visible range from the monitoring device installed on the wall. Their personal emergency wearable, which they often forget to put on each morning, is out of reach on their nightstand. They call for help, but no one hears them.

The way to change this — to reliably respond and help prevent future occurrences — is whole-home monitoring with WiFi Sensing. From room-to-room presence-controlled lighting to child presence detection in cars, the possibilities are only limited by our imagination.

photos of origin wireless applications

Simple. Accurate. Aware.

Origin’s WiFi Sensing excels where other solutions fall short — securely and reliably performing key services including home security, home automation, and wellness monitoring — all without additional or expensive hardware.

Full coverage

WiFi signals penetrate walls and bend around people as they move around the home. Origin harnesses these signals to detect motion absolutely anywhere in a space.

Minimal setup

WiFi Sensing is easily deployed on routers, IoT devices, or within automobiles for an easy-to-use solution, requiring no special calibration.

Vital insights

In the home or in the car, WiFi Sensing is always “on” to let you know what’s happening in your environment.

Reliable technology. Proven results.


motion detection


fall detection
catch rate


child presence

WiFi Sensing transforms lives.

WiFi Sensing can provide vital protection through home security. It can save lives by detecting, verifying, and predicting abnormal behaviors to reduce fall-related injuries. WiFi Sensing can greatly reduce fatalities that occur when children and pets are left in vehicles. Through smart automation, WiFi Sensing can contribute to a more eco-forward future by reducing energy use in homes and buildings.

Internet Service Providers

Seamlessly integrate powerful value-added services to create new revenue streams for your customers and differentiate them in the marketplace, while reducing churn.

couple in home with wifi sensor


Eliminate the need for outdated contact sensors, passive infrared sensors, and complex installations – reducing false alarms, improving operational costs, and increasing customer retention. 

Health & Wellness 

Negate the need for wearables and invasive cameras inside the home, providing discrete, highly accurate fall and wander detection and monitoring, for increased independence and superior caregiver insight.  


Empower existing smart devices with disruptive applications that transform the user experience, making the smart home into a truly intelligent home.  


Easily embed WiFi Sensing into vehicles, ensuring presence and vital signs are monitored for enhanced passenger safety.  

The expert in WiFi. The leader in WiFi Sensing.

With more than 10 years in WiFi technology breakthroughs and more than 130 patent filings, Origin sets the standard in monitoring, detection, and verification.

15 million

Powered by Origin devices


patent filings

10+ years

in WiFi technology

Be part of the future of WiFi today.

Key technology players partner with Origin to leverage WiFi Sensing in their product lines to differentiate and create additional revenue streams.

Trusted by industry innovators and leaders.

Origin Wireless is a pioneer in applying AI to wireless signal disruption data, enabling motion sensing that doesn’t require several single-use-case devices and sensors. We look forward to supporting this seasoned team as they develop their proprietary technology.

Verizon Ventures

Investing in Origin and their team broadens our research and development and enhances our efforts to deliver additional value to our partners and customers.


Origin has already demonstrated its potential with the applications they have developed to date using Wi-Fi wireless integration. We look forward to being strong partners — and even customers — as they continue to progress and find new ways to utilize this powerful technology.


The shift from smart to intelligent – at home, at work, and in the car.

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