We are the leader in Wireless AI sensing innovation and technology, delivering exponential benefits to our customers in:
Origin Home

Keep the home safe from threats, increase energy efficiency, and give life to the IoT; without compromising privacy.

Origin Health

Care for loved ones with daily activities monitoring, sleep monitoring, fall detection, and more; ensuring peace of mind and enabling independent living.

Origin Tracking

Track indoor postion with centimeter accuracy in commercial settings, without the need for new infrastructure

How we do it, and how we do it together? 


Our patented Wireless AI Engines utilize existing Wi-Fi signals to sense the environment and human beings. No need for other sensors such as PIR, wearables, cameras,  while allowing non-line-of-sight sensing. Simple, reliable, and scalable! 


IoT devices talk to our AI engines, detect disturbances and alert users. Integration is all API-driven; every IoT device could be powered by Wireless AI.


Industry-leading algorithms with amazing computational efficiency allow us to go ALL EDGE COMPUTING. No worries about your Wi-Fi data bandwidth, and no downtime in case of Wi-Fi outages. 

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"New and smarter way
to detect movement"

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Origin Wireless

Time Reversal Machine:
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Grand Prix”

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