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Stop Brainstorming and Start Focusing: How Specificity Leads to Business Success

By: Tony Nicolaidis, Chief Commercial Officer, Origin AI In the fast-paced world of B2B tech, where bandwidth is limited and competition is fierce, endless brainstorming sessions with customers can be a drain on your company’s time and resources.  Yes, brainstorming can be a great way to generate ideas, but if you’re spending most of your time with customers dreaming up everything that your technology could possibly…

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WiFi Sensing Privacy

How WiFi Sensing Protects Your Privacy

In today’s interconnected world, security and privacy are two sides of the same coin, especially when it comes to our homes. We want our families and belongings to be safe, but we don’t want to feel like we’re sacrificing our privacy. Home security companies and internet service providers (ISPs) industries must take note.  WiFi Sensing has made headlines as the next revolution in home security and…

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Origin Research

The Next WiFi Sensing Innovation Begins at Origin Research

Under the groundbreaking leadership of founder, chairman, and CTO Dr. K. J. Ray Liu, the Origin Research team relentlessly pursues new discoveries.

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verified alarms, wifi sensing saves lives

WiFi to the Rescue: How Your Router Can Help Save Lives

Homeowners want safety, protection, and peace of mind. They install security systems and smart devices not just to be more connected, but to be safer at all times. According to recent research from Parks Associates, in 2023, the average number of connected devices per US household reached 17; and over 30% of US households with internet also have a security system. These systems provide a layer…

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Top Security Pain Points

Top Customer Pain Points in Home Security

Today’s home security is frustrating for consumers and competitive for providers. Understanding customers’ most common pain points is crucial to enhancing the overall experience. Fewer challenges equals happier customers, improved safety, and reduced churn.  The key to addressing customer frustrations and gaining a competitive edge? Advanced technology. In an era where technology permeates every aspect of our lives, home security has emerged as a crucial area…

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CES 2024 takeaways

Origin’s Key Takeaways from CES 2024

The Origin AI team at CES 2024

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TruPresence™ at CES 2024: Seeing is Believing

It’s almost time for one of the biggest technology and consumer product events of the year: the Consumer Electronics Show (CES®). CES brings together over 130,000 attendees to showcase the latest products and technology that will shape our world in the year to come. CES is where many people get a sneak peek at the “next big thing” in consumer tech. CES kicks off on January…

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Open source, broadband, ISP, prpl Foundation

How ISPs and Broadband Technology Can Benefit from prpl’s Open-Source Solutions

Internet service providers (ISPs) and broadband providers who embrace open-source solutions will be more agile.

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Building Energy Efficient Homes Using Smart Technologies

Smart homes are no longer a novelty; homes with integrated technology are becoming the standard for housing. That’s good news for home buyers — these innovations enhance convenience, control, security, and comfort. All these devices can increase the energy load in a home, making it crucial to integrate intelligent energy management systems into any new construction.

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Must-Have Smart Home Integrations: A Guide for Integrators

As technology advances, the concept of a “smart home” has moved from a futuristic dream to a reality for many homeowners. The smart home industry is booming. By the end of next year, the number of smart homes will surpass 400 million.  Today’s homeowners expect modern homes with interconnected devices and appliances. This demand has led to the rise of smart home integrators—subcontractors that expertly build…

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