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CES 2024 takeaways

Origin’s Key Takeaways from CES 2024

The Origin AI team at CES 2024

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TruPresence™ at CES 2024: Seeing is Believing

It’s almost time for one of the biggest technology and consumer product events of the year: the Consumer Electronics Show (CES®). CES brings together over 130,000 attendees to showcase the latest products and technology that will shape our world in the year to come. CES is where many people get a sneak peek at the “next big thing” in consumer tech. CES kicks off on January…

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Open source, broadband, ISP, prpl Foundation

How ISPs and Broadband Technology Can Benefit from prpl’s Open-Source Solutions

Internet service providers (ISPs) and broadband providers who embrace open-source solutions will be more agile.

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Building Energy Efficient Homes Using Smart Technologies

Smart homes are no longer a novelty; homes with integrated technology are becoming the standard for housing. That’s good news for home buyers — these innovations enhance convenience, control, security, and comfort. All these devices can increase the energy load in a home, making it crucial to integrate intelligent energy management systems into any new construction.

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Must-Have Smart Home Integrations: A Guide for Integrators

As technology advances, the concept of a “smart home” has moved from a futuristic dream to a reality for many homeowners. The smart home industry is booming. By the end of next year, the number of smart homes will surpass 400 million.  Today’s homeowners expect modern homes with interconnected devices and appliances. This demand has led to the rise of smart home integrators—subcontractors that expertly build…

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The Power of Wireless Sensing: A Revolution in the Making

In our technology-driven era, it’s not uncommon to hear terms like 5G, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the Internet of Things (IoT) being thrown around in tech circles and daily conversation. As we rely more and more on high-tech, intelligent tools, it’s clear that our traditional understanding of their capabilities is just the tip of the iceberg. Recently, Dr. Ray Liu offered insight into an exciting development:…

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False Alarms in Security Systems: How Technology Can Prevent Them

False alarms are one of the biggest —if not the biggest —problem facing the security industry today. Home and business owners rely on security systems to keep them safe and alert them to intruders. When the system mistakes a pet or falling plant for a threat, panicking the user with a false alarm, it damages trust and causes frustration.  If security companies don’t address the problem…

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The Future of WiFi Sensing: A Look at the Upcoming IEEE 802.11bf Standard

The world of WiFi is about to change, thanks to the development of a new technology called WiFi Sensing. This technology allows WiFi-enabled devices to detect and monitor activities in their surroundings, opening up a wide range of possibilities that stretch our current understanding of what WiFi can do. WiFi Sensing can be leveraged for home automation/security, sleep tracking, fall detection, energy management, detection of children…

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Maximizing Customer Satisfaction with Advanced Home Security Solutions

To gain market share and outpace competitors in the $52 Billion home security market, security companies must embrace innovation and understand what their customers need. Home security customers take protection seriously—they want to know they’re getting the best. Do It Yourself (DIY) and (Do It For Me) DIFM security companies can meet the complex demands of today’s consumer by incorporating cutting-edge technologies into their systems.  New…

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Transforming Home Security: The Role of AI and WiFi Sensing

The home security industry has come a long way, evolving from rudimentary wooden locks to sophisticated smart security systems. In recent years, artificial intelligence (AI) and WiFi Sensing technology have emerged as powerful tools, transforming the way we protect our homes and businesses.  Let’s explore how AI and WiFi Sensing are revolutionizing home security, providing enhanced accuracy, reduced false alarms, and seamless integration for both do-it-yourself…

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