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September 2. 2021.

Origin Wireless recognized as a Minicorn by Tracxn in "Emerging Startup Awards 2021"

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April 12. 2021.

Origin Wireless Included in CB Insights 2021 AI 100 Startups Redefining Industries

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Jan 19. 2021.

Best of CES 2021: Hex Home Uses Wi-Fi Waves For Home Security Instead of Cameras

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Jan 14. 2021

CES 2021 Highlights: 79 Gadgets and Glimpses Into the Future

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Jan 12. 2021

Linksys Aware Wins CNN's Best Tech of CES 2021

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Dec 2. 2020

Linksys Aware Chosen by Popular Science as one of "The Most Significant Security Innovations of 2020"

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Jan 9. 2020

Linksys Velop Mesh Wi-Fi Routers are Evolving into Smart Home Controllers - and More

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Oct 8. 2019

Linksys' Velop Mesh Routers Can Detect Intruders Using Wi-Fi

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Jan 8. 2018

Qualcomm Expands Mesh Networking for Smart Homes with Cortana and Alexa Integration

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Oct 10. 2017

This Tech Company Has Developed an Algorithm That Can Use Wi-Fi to Detect Motion in a Room

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June 25. 2021.

This alarm detects motion anywhere in your home using Wi-Fi waves, and it blew my mind

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Feb 1. 2021.

Elder Care, Wireless AI, and the Internet of Medical Things

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Jan 18. 2021

CES Comes Home: The Best Intros At the Show

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Jan 13. 2021

Hex Home Security Monitors Wi-Fi Radio Waves to Detect Intruders

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Jan 11. 2021

Origin's Hex Home Security System Analyses Motion with Simple Sensors

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Jan 20. 2020

IEEE Volunteer Ray Liu | Origin Wireless & Linksys Aware

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Jan 8. 2020

Linksys Routers Will Soon Monitor Your Breathing as Well as Movement

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Oct 8. 2019

Linksys' Mesh Routers Can Now Detect Motion Using Wi-Fi

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Oct 9. 2017

Wi-Fi Mesh Networks Can Detect Your Breathing