Home Monitoring Solution for Internet Service Providers

Unlocking New Revenue Streams with AI-Powered WiFi Sensing

As the telecommunications industry continues to evolve, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) face increasing competition and must differentiate themselves in the market. Offering value-added services, such as home awareness and security, has become a critical strategy for ISPs to enhance customer satisfaction and generate additional revenue. With Origin AI’s Home Monitoring solution, ISPs can leverage the power of AI-driven WiFi Sensing technology to deliver a cutting-edge home security experience for their customers, seamlessly integrated with their existing internet services.

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Benefits for ISPs

Key Features

  • Advanced AI-driven WiFi Sensing technology for accurate human motion detection
  • Reduced false alarms by filtering out non-human motion (pets, robot vacuums, mechanical interference)
  • Seamless integration with various devices and existing security infrastructures
  • Enhanced monitoring capabilities, including non-line of sight sensing
  • Easy-to-install solution for DIY security providers, with minimal hardware requirements
  • Enhanced Service Offerings: By incorporating Origin AI’s Home Monitoring solution into their existing service packages, ISPs can offer a comprehensive suite of services, including internet, home security, and potentially other smart home solutions. This bundled approach can increase the perceived value of the ISPs’ offerings, attracting new customers and fostering long-term loyalty.
  • Increased Revenue Opportunities: Offering the Home Monitoring solution as an add-on service or as part of premium packages enables ISPs to generate additional revenue streams while providing valuable services to their customers.
  • Leveraging Existing Infrastructure: Origin AI’s WiFi Sensing technology uses the existing WiFi networks in homes and businesses to detect motion, allowing ISPs to take advantage of their current infrastructure to offer home security services without significant additional investments.
  • Improved Customer Retention: Providing cutting-edge home security solutions powered by AI and WiFi Sensing technology can help ISPs improve customer satisfaction and reduce churn rates, resulting in increased revenue and market share.
  • Strengthened Brand Image: By offering innovative home security services, ISPs can position themselves as market leaders and technology innovators, enhancing their brand image and attracting new customers.

Origin AI’s Home Monitoring solution presents a unique opportunity for ISPs to expand their service offerings and tap into the growing home security market. By leveraging the power of AI-driven WiFi Sensing technology, ISPs can deliver a cutting-edge home security experience that seamlessly integrates with their existing internet services. This innovative approach not only unlocks new revenue streams but also enhances customer satisfaction, improves customer retention, and strengthens the ISPs’ brand image in an increasingly competitive market.

Discover how Origin AI’s Home Monitoring solution can revolutionize your home security business.

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