Origin turns WiFi signals into WiFi Sensing.

Our everyday devices use WiFi not just to connect us to the world, but also to each other. Imagine WiFi signals like ripples in water—reflecting, refracting, and flowing around us as we move through spaces. With our advanced AI, TruPresence harnesses these signal disruptions. It unlocks an unparalleled understanding of the dynamics within our homes and workplaces, making the invisible, visible and the complex, simple.

Measured performance for immeasurable results.

At Origin, innovation is at the core of our ethos. Our patented AI engines are meticulously designed for each unique application, guaranteeing unparalleled accuracy. From intrusion detection and human presence verification for ISPs and security sectors, to wander detection in health & wellness, energy-efficient HVAC and lighting automations in homes and businesses, and the transformation of IoT into truly intelligent spaces – we’re redefining the boundaries of what’s possible with TruPresence.

dancing father and daughter


Origin’s Motion AI Engine senses distortions in WiFi signals and localizes where motion occurs with over 90% accuracy.

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Origin’s Breathing AI Engine captures tiny, vital movements of human breathing and breathing patterns using standard WiFi signals.

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Origin’s Fall AI Engine has the highest rate of detecting the common trip and fall, and the lowest false alarm rate in the industry, with over 90% accuracy in verifying and alerting caregivers and emergency personnel.

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WiFi Sensing detects and verifies presence or no presence, and adjusts or turns on/off smart devices like thermostats and lights to promote an eco-friendly home.

The competitive advantage that sets you apart — and enhances user experiences.

Origin’s TruPresence is a game-changer in the industry. Our advanced technology offers expanded coverage, enriched context, and precise verification, all without compromising WiFi performance.

Ubiquitous Detection

TruPresence penetrates interior walls and doors, ensuring comprehensive coverage in spaces, whether it’s for detecting human presence during security breaches or wander detection for the elderly.

Precision and Speed

Our patented technology combined with dedicated AI engines swiftly and accurately discerns activities, dramatically reducing false alarms and ensuring rapid responses when needed.

No Additional Hardware

Harness the power of the smart devices already in your environment. With TruPresence, we move beyond the limitations of wearables, tapping into the potential of existing devices to deliver precise WiFi Sensing. It’s about maximizing what you already have, eliminating the need for redundant gadgets, and ensuring seamless, unobtrusive monitoring.

Effortless Integration

TruPresence is synonymous with simplicity. It seamlessly integrates with existing routers and IoT devices, requiring no expensive hardware or tedious calibration delays.

WiFi Sensing on the edge – safer than it sounds.

We only communicate with the cloud when activity is detected and, with end-to-end encryption, our algorithms are strings of randomized coding that cannot be cracked. Our software is extremely efficient, requiring minimal central processing unit resources and memory. And with a small code footprint, it’s embeddable into almost any WiFi device. Origin diligently follows industry-leading security protocols and encryption methods.

women walking into home

Motion detected at front door.

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