Turn your WiFi signals into WiFi Sensing.

With our everyday devices, harness WiFi signals to enhance your daily interactions, effortlessly providing insights into your home and workplace dynamics.

Unlock Limitless Potential with TruPresenceā„¢

Enhance security and energy efficiency while creating smart IoT spaces with Origin AI’s TruPresence.

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TruPresence is the most advanced intrusion detection solution that verifies human presence while filtering out unwanted movements like pets and mechanical motion.

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TruPresence is the first-of-its-kind solution to detect activity insights and whether or not a person is in a space to enable energy efficiency in homes and businesses.

Stay Secure with Edge Computing

Experience peace of mind with Origin’s WiFi Sensing technology, which operates entirely on the edge for enhanced safety. Our system communicates with the cloud only when activity is detected, ensuring privacy with end-to-end encryption.

Our efficient software minimizes CPU resources and memory usage, making it compatible with a wide range of WiFi devices. Trust in our commitment to industry-leading security protocols and encryption methods for your protection.

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Motion detected at front door.

Experience the Benefits of WiFi Sensing in Action