Learn about the advanced technological capabilities driving Origin’s wireless sensing solutions through technical video demonstrations.

TruPresence: Redefine Connectivity through AI-Driven Wireless Sensing

With Origin AI’s TruPresence™, ISPs and security companies transform smart devices into advanced virtual sensors, creating an intelligent home ecosystem to enhance security, connectivity, and convenience. Our TruPresence platform features the most advanced intrusion-detection solution, utilizing AI to verify human presence in a space. By intelligently filtering out nonhuman motion such as pets, fans, and mechanical motion, we achieve the lowest false alarm rates in the industry.

TruPresence also introduces the first-ever human presence solution to accurately detect whether a person is in a space or not, enabling tremendous improvements in energy efficiency for HVAC, smart automations, and lighting controls in homes and businesses.


  • We use the most advanced intrusion-detection solution to verify human presence in a space.
  • Using AI, we filter out nonhuman motion such as pets, fans, and mechanical motion for the lowest false alarm rates in the industry.


  • Ours is the first-ever human presence solution to detect if a person is in a space or not.
  • We enable energy efficiency for HVAC, smart automations, and lighting controls in homes and businesses.

Simplifying Home Security: A Plug-and-Play Solution for DIY Security Providers

Time-reversal physics has been known for a long time but mostly found development in research labs and applications in defense-related military applications. The Origin team was the first to bring time reversal to the practice and use of our daily lives by leveraging radio-frequency multipaths in indoor or multipath-rich environments and proving that it can work effectively. 

Next-Level Security: Advanced Monitoring and Integration for DIFM Security Companies

As do-it-for-me (DIFM) security companies strive to provide scalable, state-of-the-art solutions, they require advanced monitoring features that reduce false alarms and maximize system performance. Origin AI’s home monitoring solution meets these demands with its innovative wireless sensing technology, accurately detecting human motion patterns and filtering out nonhuman motion.

Home Monitoring Solution for Internet Service Providers

Explore how ISPs can leverage AI-powered wireless sensing technology to expand their service offerings, unlock new revenue streams, and enhance customer satisfaction in the increasingly competitive telecommunications market.

More on Home Intelligence: Elevating Comfort and Health with Seamless Solutions

Origin’s AI-enabled technology can be used to detect human motion, breathing, falls, and more. It can also be used for home security and well-being monitoring within homes. 

Activities of Daily Living (ADL) 

ADL monitoring is used to assess an individual’s level of independence and functional status. With Origin’s AI-enabled technology, WiFi can detect an individual’s presence, movement, location, and breathing. Combined with our algorithms and long-term data around presence and biomarkers, ADL monitoring can provide health insights to users in wireless enabled spaces.

Check out the videos to get an insight into how ADL works.

Sleep Monitoring 

Origin’s AI technology enables contactless sleep monitoring and assessment through WiFi. It can detect, monitor, track, and analyze breathing rate and movement while sleeping to recognize the sleep stages and assess the quality of sleep.

Check out this demo video showcasing these capabilities. 

On low-cost IoT devices that do not support breathing rate monitoring, Origin’s solution can precisely capture occasional and weak body movements during sleep, recognize sleep periods, and assess sleep quality.

Origin’s wireless sensing technology is highly accurate, private, and nonintrusive. It provides peace of mind and security for daily caregiving to users in their own homes.

Check out these videos that show how this technology works and what it looks like. 

Fall Detection

Unlike the randomness of normal human motion, the signature of a human fall is unique, which can be detected and used as part of a robust well-being monitoring system. Origin technology can detect falls with high accuracy, covering most of the interior space of a house.

Check out these videos showcasing the power of Origin’s fall-detection technology.

Smart Car: Child Presence Detection

Origin’s technology can be used to monitor the presence of children in a vehicle through motion and breathing detection, with high accuracy, low latency, and extensive coverage. Utilizing this technology, an unattended child inside a car can be detected with high accuracy without any blind spot.

mmWave Sound Sensing and Ambient Filtering

Millimeter wave (mmWave) refers to a range of radio frequencies typically between 30 GHz and 300 GHz on the electromagnetic spectrum. These waves have short wavelengths, measured in millimeters, hence the name. mmWave technology is known for its high frequency and bandwidth, making it ideal for high-speed data transmission and fine-resolution motion sensing in Origin’s systems. Origin’s patented technology can even detect the motion of vocal folds remotely. By sensing vibrations of vocal folds and speakers, mmWave can recover sound, enhance speakers in noisy environments, and provide a basis for next-generation voice interfaces.

Check out this video that shows the difference between an acoustic microphone and a radio microphone. 

Check out how Origin uses a radio microphone in tandem with an acoustic microphone to achieve high-fidelity sound in noisy environments:

Tracking and Navigation

Origin’s pioneering technology can be used for tracking a person within a home or business. Unlike outdoor GPS systems, which require line-of-sight of four satellites, Origin’s system only requires one indoor satellite (a WiFi device broadcasting pilot signals) for tracking within a 10,000-square foot indoor area. Origin’s latest tracking technology (tracking 3.0) relies only on an inertial measurement unit (IMU) even without radios. Check out the videos below showcasing how Origin Wireless can instantly track movement within buildings. 

Centimeter-Accuracy Tracking with Radio (Origin Tracking 1.0)

Origin Research utilizes time-reversal technology, turns the multipath profiles into location-specific signatures, and develops the time-reversal indoor positioning system (TRIPS) technology using the unique time-reversal spatial focusing effect. TRIPS is the world’s first system capable of performing centimeter-level accuracy in indoor positioning with only one pair of antennae under the non-line-of-sight setting, an unsolved conundrum of many decades for the world’s research community.

This demo shows time-reversal fingerprinting based tracking technology that can track a moving object in real-time at centimeter accuracy with a single pair of transceivers through the wall.

Infrastructure-Free Tracking with Submeter Accuracy (Origin Tracking 2.0)

Motivated by the time-reversal focusing effect, we discovered that the energy distribution around the time-reversal focal spot exhibits a location-independent stationary energy distribution property. We utilized this discovery to accurately estimate the moving speed of a moving object to develop submeter tracking technology that can track an unlimited number of users without any training, using a single commodity WiFi AP that scales to massive buildings and an unlimited number of clients with (almost) zero cost. 

IMU-Based Tracking with Submeter Accuracy (Origin Tracking 3.0)

Without relying on wireless signals, Origin Research developed a pure software solution that solely utilizes the readings from the inertial measurement unit (IMU) to accurately estimate the stride length for pedestrian walking distance estimation. Combining the odometry estimation and a map-augmented probabilistic approach, Origin tracking 3.0 can accurately track a pedestrian holding a smartphone with submeter accuracy.