Maximizing Customer Satisfaction with Advanced Home Security Solutions

To gain market share and outpace competitors in the $52 Billion home security market, security companies must embrace innovation and understand what their customers need.

Home security customers take protection seriously—they want to know they’re getting the best. Do It Yourself (DIY) and (Do It For Me) DIFM security companies can meet the complex demands of today’s consumer by incorporating cutting-edge technologies into their systems. 

New technology eliminates pain points common with legacy systems and dramatically improves customer satisfaction. Happier customers mean increased loyalty, increased revenue, and an improved reputation. 

Let’s explore the latest advancements in home security maximizing customer satisfaction:

WiFi Sensing, Enhancing Security

WiFi Sensing technology is transforming the home security market. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), WiFi Sensing systems analyze disruptions to existing WiFi signals to detect motion. The cutting-edge tech can be integrated into DIFM and DIY security hardware, and is already making a difference in the way people protect their homes. 

WiFi Sensing offers the enhanced privacy and security consumers require, with unhackable encryption and no invasive cameras.

Reduced False Alarms with Motion Classification

False alarms are one of the top pain points for home security customers, and for the law enforcement officers who respond to them. Too often, alarms are triggered by pets, robotic vacuums, and even excessive dust. New motion classification technology goes beyond detecting motion. It classifies between human and non-human sources of motion, so homeowners know exactly what—or who—is in their house.

Remote Monitoring, Real-Time Activity Notifications

Consumers expect to be able to access everything from the palm of their hands. Remote monitoring options allow homeowners to control their security systems and monitor their homes from anywhere using their smartphones, wearables, or other devices. They also receive real-time alerts if activity is detected. 

This has quickly become a “must have” for DIFM and DIY security system customers.

Scalable, Customizable Solutions

Gone are the days of the “one-size-fits-all” security solutions. Today’s consumer expects personalization and flexibility. New security tech allows security companies to offer a range of options that can be customized to protect tiny homes, large houses, or small businesses.

Offering scalable systems also increases customer retention, as customers are more likely to keep the same company as they grow into larger spaces and as their lifestyle changes.

Eliminate Blind Spots with Non-Line-of-Sight Detection

Cameras have ruled the home security space for decades, but there’s a lot they can miss. Advanced motion detection technology, including WiFi Sensing, can identify human presence around corners, behind curtains, and through walls—giving homeowners much-needed peace of mind.

Smart Home Integration

Internet of Things (IoT) and smart home devices are on the rise. To satisfy tech-savvy customers, DIY and DIFM home security companies need to offer solutions that connect to smart home hubs. This allows customers to control their entire home ecosystem (security, lighting, HVAC) using voice commands or other smart devices.

Plug-and-Play, Easy-to-Use Systems

Fast, convenient, and easy solutions make customers very happy. New plug-and-play, intuitive security solutions are making set-up and onboarding seamless.

Reliable Tech, Automatic Updates 

Customers expect their security systems to be glitch-free and long-lasting. Luckily, new innovations on the market make updates automatically, and incorporate edge computing for improved reliability.

Learning Capabilities

AI-powered home security systems learn the behavior of homeowners and their families, allowing security systems to detect anomalies and alert homeowners to potential threats.

Leading the Industry and Satisfying Customers Goes Hand in Hand

By incorporating the latest technology solutions, DIY and DIFM home security companies can meet evolving customer needs, grow revenue, and position themselves as leaders in the industry. Don’t wait to make the leap.

Are you ready to set yourself apart from competitors? Integrating WiFi Sensing into existing DIY and DIFM systems and hardware is seamless and cost-effective. Let’s talk!