Top Customer Pain Points in Home Security

Today’s home security is frustrating for consumers and competitive for providers. Understanding customers’ most common pain points is crucial to enhancing the overall experience. Fewer challenges equals happier customers, improved safety, and reduced churn. 

The key to addressing customer frustrations and gaining a competitive edge? Advanced technology. In an era where technology permeates every aspect of our lives, home security has emerged as a crucial area where advancements are not only improving effectiveness but also enhancing convenience and peace of mind. 

By embracing cutting-edge tech that meets evolving customer needs, companies can add value, boost loyalty, and increase revenue. Let’s explore how. 

Top customer pain points: home security frustrations

Even some of the most popular security systems out there can cause extreme user frustration due to:

False alarms: “My system is wrong so often I turn it off to avoid needless notifications & fines.”

False alarms are one of the biggest problems facing the security industry today. According to Parks Associates, the prevalence of false alarms is a top reason households cancel monitoring services. Parks Associates research shows that 62% of security system owners experienced a false alarm in the past 12 months. About half of system owners say their security system triggers too many false alarms.

Difficult installation: “This is hard to set up by myself;  I have to pay someone to do it for me.”

Traditional security systems are complex. Many require professional installation. After calling on professionals for help, homeowners still find security systems difficult to manage, leading to disengagement. Even DIY systems that promise to be ‘plug-and-play’ and ‘easy to install’, can come with complicated equipment and confusing instructions. 

Limited coverage: “Even with all this equipment, I still have blind spots in my home.”

One of the most common pain points in traditional home security systems is their limited capabilities and restricted range. Basic systems often rely on sensors for doors and windows, leaving blind spots that can be exploited by intruders. 

Customers won’t rest easy knowing that their security system can’t detect activity behind curtains, around corners, or on the other side of the wall. Homeowners need to be able to monitor every corner in real time.

Privacy: “I want to feel safe, not like I’m the one under surveillance.”

Cameras have ruled the home security space for decades, but they can make some homeowners feel as if they’re being watched. In addition, cameras can be hacked, which can be violating. There have been several reports of well-known home security camera brands experiencing data breaches that made their camera footage accessible to hackers, and in some cases, other users.

Expensive: “It costs hundreds or thousands of dollars in equipment just to get started.”

Homeowners may hesitate to invest in security systems due to the perceived high costs and limited benefits. It’s more important than ever for security providers to develop features and services that add significant value to homeowners. 

From energy management to home automation, modern security systems have the potential to not only enhance safety but also improve the overall quality of life, making them a worthwhile investment.

Compatibility and Remote Monitoring: “Why won’t all my smart devices work together?”

Internet of Things (IoT) and smart home devices are on the rise. To satisfy tech-savvy customers, DIY and DIFM home security companies need to offer solutions that connect to smart home hubs and speak to other IoT devices. This allows customers to control their entire home ecosystem (security, lighting, HVAC) using voice commands or other smart devices. 

In addition, all security systems must now include remote monitoring and control. If homeowners can’t access security systems when they’re away from home, they’ll become anxious and likely churn.

Lack of flexibility and customization: “Why can’t I personalize this?”

Traditional security systems often lack flexibility and customization options, but today’s consumer expects personalization and flexibility not “one-size-fits-all” solutions. Homeowners want options that will evolve with them. They will avoid companies that will lock customers into rigid contracts with limited choices for customization.

Solutions, integrations, and consumer ‘must-haves’ 

In order to play in the home security space, companies must be able to deliver a high-quality and differentiated experience; efficiently acquire new customers; minimize attrition; effectively service customers; and minimize operational costs.

All of that can be accomplished through strategically integrating advanced technology, including WiFi Sensing and TruPresence™. 

Zero false alarms through motion verification

Using AI-powered motion verification, TruPresence™ will identify and filter out leading causes of false alarms such as pets and mechanical motion, accurately detecting human presence. 

In over 15K hours of testing, a leading European telecommunications company had zero false alarms due to pets or robot vacuums. Eliminating false alarms has the potential to dramatically increase customer satisfaction. 

Professional monitoring and verified alarms further enhance accuracy, guaranteeing an emergency response in serious situations. 

Set up in under 10 minutes: effortless integration

TruPresence™ streamlines installation to simply downloading our app and connecting to your router. Leveraging your existing IoT devices, there’s no need for additional hardware. Experience hassle-free setup without compromising on precision. Welcome to the next era of home security.

No more blind spots

Unlike traditional security systems with limited motion sensors, TruPresence™ covers your entire home. Coverage is one-to-one with the WiFi signal; wherever WiFi goes, so can WiFi Sensing security solutions. The ability to monitor a full home using less hardware not only enhances security but also provides a sense of control and peace of mind.

Privacy-centric solutions

Thanks to new technology, you can protect your home without invasive cameras. Instead, Origin AI analyzes the change in WiFi signals in your home to understand what’s going on. Leading-edge encryption ensures that the company never collects or has access to any personal identifying information (PII) or customer proprietary network information (CPNI). This also means cyber threats and hackers are locked out.

Wallet-friendly options

Emerging DIY security solutions, including TruPresence™, don’t require thousands of dollars of equipment or costly installations. This has enormous potential to attract and retain a broad, loyal customer base.

From the perspective of providers, cost advantages from lower monitoring and hardware financing costs can be passed on to the customer or used to maximize margins.

Tech compatible with IoT devices

Matter is the common IoT standard supported by leading tech companies including Apple, Amazon, Google, Samsung and Verizon. With Matter, devices from any manufacturer will be able to easily work together. This includes modern home security systems, like those powered by Origin AI.

By offering seamless integration with smartphones and other devices, advanced technology makes it easier than ever to set up security systems and control them from anywhere in the world. This simplicity not only improves user experience but also encourages long-term usage and loyalty.

Flexible, scalable systems

Today’s tech-forward security companies are able to offer a wide range of options that can be customized to protect tiny homes, large houses, or small businesses. This flexibility not only meets the diverse needs of homeowners but also ensures that security solutions can evolve as needs change. 

Offering scalable systems also increases customer retention, as customers are more likely to keep the same company as they grow into larger spaces and as their lifestyle changes.

Reduce complexity and add value with technology

Statistics show that advanced technology is a key factor when choosing a security system. Ignoring game-changing innovations would be a big mistake for home security companies and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) expanding into the security space.

Origin AI’s AI-driven, user-friendly security solutions are designed to eliminate common customer pain points and enhance user experience. TruPresence™ technology is setting new standards in reliability and effectiveness, fostering trust and increasing service adoption among consumers. 

These innovative solutions not only secure homes—they add significant value. By minimizing consumer frustration and providing enhanced features and services, security systems that integrate cutting-edge technology can strengthen customer loyalty and reduce churn, ensuring long-term success in a hyper-competitive market.

Try WiFi Sensing home security before you buy

Origin AI’s TruPresence™ security technology is unlike anything else on the market, with unique and highly effective advanced capabilities. Interested in learning more? You can try the technology before making a long-term commitment. 

Contact our team today, and see how you can seamlessly achieve peace of mind through our video demo.

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