The Next WiFi Sensing Innovation Begins at Origin Research

Business expert Steven Jeffes once said, “Innovation is the unrelenting drive to break the status quo and develop anew where few have dared to go.” At Origin AI, we embody this drive, consistently pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Origin Research, our dedicated research arm, is a testament to our commitment to trailblazing innovation in the WiFi Sensing space.

Under the groundbreaking leadership of founder, chairman, and CTO Dr. K. J. Ray Liu, the Origin Research team relentlessly pursues new discoveries. By fostering a culture of innovation and providing the resources to explore never-been-done-before ideas, we’re actively propelling our company toward continued growth. 

Origin Research’s pioneering leader Dr. Ray Liu

Dr. Ray Liu is a renowned scientist and technologist with decades of experience leading research teams and uncovering technological breakthroughs. Over the past three decades, Liu has received almost all the prestigious teaching and research awards available at the University of Maryland and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). 

Ray founded Origin AI in 2009 after discovering the potential of WiFi sensing. He is a true pioneer and a leader in the space, responsible for filing over 200 patents covering a wide spectrum of wireless sensing techniques, algorithm constructs, and system designs.  Liu was also instrumental in the creation of the IEEE 802.11bf wireless sensing standard, which will have a lasting impact on this emerging industry, and on WiFi-enabled products more broadly. Liu was recently elected to the prestigious National Academy of Engineering (NAE). 

With Liu’s continued leadership of Origin Research, the company will make even more game-changing discoveries and continue to revolutionize what WiFi can do. 

What is Origin Research? 

Since 2013, Origin Research has been dedicated to pioneering the understanding and exploration of wireless sensing and indoor tracking in enclosed environments by leveraging ambient radio waves available around us. This wild dream, once thought impossible, was realized under the magic power of the Origin team.

Composed of a team of acclaimed AI scientists and researchers, Origin Research continues to advance wireless AI sensing, fostering growth and setting new standards in the technology space.

Over the years and with Dr. Liu at its helm, Origin Research has achieved pivotal scientific discoveries, which have laid the foundation for the development of a rich technology platform with numerous AI analytics engines utilizing WiFi signals for various applications.

Though much of Origin Research’s work is confidential and proprietary, the team is committed to sharing educational and informational resources on fundamental/scientific aspects of their work that may be of interest to peers, investors, stakeholders, or curious minds. These resources include:

  • Science: Dive into the foundational principles and evolution of Origin’s cutting-edge wireless sensing technology alongside ongoing research and developments shaping the future of wireless sensing.
  • Emerging technology & IP: Discover the emerging technologies and diverse applications of wireless and mmWave sensing. Find out more about how WiFi Sensing is used for human identification, child presence detection, sleep monitoring, fall detection, gait recognition, and more.
  • Technology demonstrations: Learn about the advanced technological capabilities driving Origin’s wireless sensing solutions through solution briefs and technical video demonstrations.

These resources represent only a fraction of what the Origin Research team is working on.

Research breeds innovation and success in tech

Origin Research joins Google, Apple, Amazon, and Meta—big tech companies that dedicate a significant percentage of revenue to research and development and whose investment in research arms fuels their success.

A few examples of Origin AI’s forward-thinking research cohorts: 

  • Alphabet (Google’s parent company):  Their research arm, X, tackles “moonshot” projects like self-driving cars and internet balloons. Breakthroughs from X often trickle down to core Google products, keeping them at the forefront of innovation.
  • Meta (formerly Facebook):  Facebook Reality Labs pushes the boundaries of virtual and augmented reality. Their research directly impacts the future of social interaction and the metaverse, ensuring Meta remains a leader in this emerging field.
  • Microsoft Research:  From artificial intelligence to quantum computing, Microsoft Research delves into areas that might not have immediate applications but hold immense potential for the future. This long-term vision keeps Microsoft at the leading edge of technological trends.
  • Amazon Labs:  Not just about e-commerce, Amazon Labs explores a vast array of technologies, from robotics and delivery drones to healthcare advancements. This research fuels Amazon’s diversification and helps them anticipate future consumer needs.
  • Samsung Research:  From developing next-generation displays to pioneering new chip technologies, Samsung Research keeps them at the top of the hardware game.  Their dedication to R&D allows them to constantly improve their products and stay competitive.

By investing in dedicated research teams, these companies ensure they have the resources and talent to not only solve today’s problems but also shape the technological landscape of tomorrow. 

What’s ahead for Origin Research? 

The current applications of WiFi Sensing – like occupancy detection – are just the tip of the iceberg. The Origin Research team is on the cusp of groundbreaking discoveries, fueled by the resources and cutting-edge tools at their disposal. We imagine a future where every lightbulb, IoT device, TV, router, and car will be enabled to become WiFi Sensing devices, offering users worldwide a new sixth sense. 

Wi-Fi sensing unlocks a new realm of possibilities:

  • Personalized environments: Imagine your home or workplace intelligently adjusting lighting, temperature, and even music based on your presence and activity, all thanks to the power of WiFi Sensing.
  • Enhanced healthcare: WiFi Sensing could revolutionize remote patient monitoring, enabling real-time tracking of vital signs and even detecting subtle changes in movement that might indicate health concerns and save lives.
  • Child safety in automobiles: WiFi Sensing can prevent tragedies by detecting a child left behind in a car, triggering alerts to ensure their safety.
  • Powering a greener tomorrow: WiFi Sensing can support a more sustainable tomorrow. WiFi Sensing can detect occupancy in real time, allowing for intelligent control of heating, cooling, and lighting systems. Empty rooms automatically adjust to minimize energy waste and can even help identify and address phantom energy drain from electronics on standby.

These are just a glimpse of the exciting future Origin AI is building. For the future of 5G/6G technology, wireless sensing is an essential and integrated component that offers benefits to humanity. We will continually delve deeper and unlock the true potential of wireless sensing technology.

Explore Origin Research

Our researchers make impossible dreams possible, translate possibilities into realities, and transform novel concepts into solutions that drive not only technological advancements, but also tangible business growth.

The Origin Research website is full of resources, education, demonstrations, innovation, and timely news. Dive in, explore and let us know if you want to talk more about what WiFi Sensing can do. 

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