Origin’s Key Takeaways from CES 2024

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES), a global stage for innovation, did not disappoint this year. Over 135,000 participants gathered in January, keen on shaping a smarter and safer future.

As the curtains closed, the Origin AI team left with renewed vigor and a trove of insights into the year’s most exciting technological trends. Let’s dig in.

The Origin AI team at CES 2024

Top three trends at CES 2024

Simplifying smart homes: a user-centric approach

A clear message resonated throughout the event: the path to consumer hearts is through simplification. Nearly a third of DIY smart home users face setup challenges. The smart home industry is responding with a pivot towards intuitive design and operation. 

    This trend extends to the security realm, where the balance between DIY systems and professional installations is becoming more nuanced. There is significant opportunity for companies to deliver solutions that address complex customer needs by offering seamless user experiences.

    Evolving home security: filling the generational gap

    Home security solutions made a strong showing at CES with a narrative centered around safer cities. The conversation at the conference revealed a generational divide: younger consumers lean towards DIY options, whereas older ones prefer professionally installed systems. 

      This divide represents a gap ripe for innovation, where flexible, accessible security solutions can cater to diverse preferences across age groups.

      Energy consciousness: a steadfast trend 

      The surge in energy-efficient and clean energy products was on full display at CES. From smart plugs to energy management systems, energy-conscious home security and automation systems are here to stay. These solutions are becoming indispensable in the modern smart home ecosystem, aligning with a growing demand for sustainability.

      Two CES surprises

       Of all the extraordinary things we saw and conversations we had, our team was most surprised by: 

      AI’s unexpected silence

      Notably absent were discussions on the role of AI in smart homes and security. This shocked our team, given AI’s transformative potential—something we at Origin AI champion through our advanced solutions. 

        The slow shift from single-purpose to platform IoT apps

        Despite the proliferation of smart home devices, consumers are still reluctant to embrace platform IoT apps for centralized control. This prompts a pivotal question: How can we enhance these apps to streamline smart home management?

        The Next Big Thing: Technologies to Watch

        CES was abuzz with groundbreaking products. Here are five we believe will be game-changers:

        1. WiFi Sensing Technology: Origin AI’s TruPresence™ stood out, with its disruptive approach to WiFi Sensing technology. It will soon be ubiquitous in smart homes and security systems.

        2. Translucent Monitors: LG’s sleek, art-like translucent monitors promise to redefine interior aesthetics.

        3. The Rabbit R1: This ambitious device aims to overhaul traditional mobile phones, offering a centralized interface for all app functionalities.

        4. Community WiFi: Backed by the industry’s heavyweights, community WiFi initiatives are poised to expand internet access, tapping into underutilized network capacity.

        5. Automated Thermostats: The move towards automated, occupancy-based thermostats reflects a shift towards smarter energy management in homes.

        Takeaway Number One: Security and Connectivity Needs

        The trends and gaps highlighted at CES 2024 reinforce Origin AI’s mission. As the smart home industry evolves, there’s a discernible need for integrated and intelligent security systems.

        According to a Parks Associates research report, in 2023, the average number of connected devices per US household reached 17; and nearly 60% of US households have no security system. 

        The stage is set for innovation and Origin AI is poised to lead the charge. Our AI-driven, user-friendly security solutions are designed to bridge the gap between DIY enthusiasm and the desire for professional-grade security.

        We’re ready to show that our solutions, powered by sophisticated technology like TruPresence™, are precisely what the industry has been waiting for.

        Curious about these trends and Origin AI?

        WiFi Sensing is set to elevate homes by intelligently automating security, energy management, lighting, and more. 

        See TruePresence in action, watch the video below.

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