TruPresence™ at CES 2024: Seeing is Believing

It’s almost time for one of the biggest technology and consumer product events of the year: the Consumer Electronics Show (CES®). CES brings together over 130,000 attendees to showcase the latest products and technology that will shape our world in the year to come. CES is where many people get a sneak peek at the “next big thing” in consumer tech.

CES kicks off on January 9, 2024, and promises to be an exciting platform for innovation, with global representation. Origin AI will be there to showcase and demo TruPresence™ — our revolutionary WiFi Sensing technology. 

This CES, we’re not just talking about TruPresence™ technology, we’re demonstrating what it can do. 

What is TruPresence™?

TruPresence™ is Origin AI’s innovative WiFi Sensing platform, which marks a significant advancement in the realm of smart living. TruPresence™  is engineered to transform homes and businesses into safer, more efficient, and responsive environments.

Powered by AI, WiFi Sensing harnesses WiFi signal disruptions to unlock a real-time, hyper-detailed understanding of the dynamics within our homes and workplaces.

TruPresence™ is set to have the largest impact on the following industries: 

  • Security: Origin AI uses WiFi not just for connection but for protection. TruPresence™ sets a new bar in intrusion detection by taking an entirely new approach to security. The highly accurate technology minimizes false alarms and offers full coverage without invasive cameras. The DIY and DIFM solutions available for ISPs and security companies ensure enhanced protection by verifying a triggered alarm and guaranteeing faster response times. The combined features, reliability, and functionality maximize customer satisfaction.  
  • Smart Home: The smart home industry is booming, and modern homeowners expect interconnected devices and appliances that work together seamlessly. They also expect smart energy management systems that support a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. The TruPresence™ platform’s automated controls for HVAC and lighting systems intelligently reduce energy usage in unoccupied spaces, showcasing Origin AI’s commitment to eco-friendly and cost-effective solutions. TruPresence™ is likely to become a ‘must-have’ for homebuilders, smart home integrators, and homeowners alike.
  • Internet Service Providers (ISPs): By partnering with cutting-edge technology partners, ISPs can introduce new recurring revenue streams that reduce customer churn, attract new customers, and radically increase customer happiness. Origin AI’s partnership with Airties demonstrates the value of enhanced services and broadband connectivity. 

We’re excited to be able to show more people and forward-thinking business leaders the power and potential of TruPresence™ at CES. 

The three-part harmony of Origin AI’s stacked approach

You may be wondering if TruPresence™ can be integrated into your business, technology, or device. It’s very possible. We believe in creating scale and value for businesses and users across the spectrum of development and manufacturing, hardware and software. 

Specifically, we work closely with the following sectors:

  • Chip makers
  • Software integrators
  • End-device manufacturers

By partnering with these three key parts of the technology production chain, Origin AI fuels interoperability and seamless integration. Over time, it cuts down on engineering time by preventing these partners from starting from scratch when adding a TruPresence-powered feature or service. 

Consumers will continue to push for (and expect) greater interoperability between the devices and applications that help them best live their lives. Origin AI’s stacked approach, with chip makers, software integrators, and device manufacturers working in harmony, will consistently deliver added value, resulting in increased revenue and growth for all parties involved.

Beyond CES: the bigger picture

Through TruPresence™, Origin AI is crafting experiences that resonate with the needs of modern living. We’re not just talking about the tech conceptually. We’re talking about real products in the real world, having a real impact on how people work and live.

Origin AI truly believes that TruPresence™ will make the world safer, healthier, and smarter. CES is just the beginning. 

Are you going to CES 2024?

Do you want to see first-hand what TruPresence™ can do for your business? 

Come talk to us and view a WiFi Sensing demo. Email Greg Bonsib, Vice President of Sales Operations, at to connect.

And on January 9th, see Tony Nicolaidis, Origin AI’s Chief Commercial Officer, speak on a panel at CES about embracing new users for smart homes. 

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