How ISPs and Broadband Technology Can Benefit from prpl’s Open-Source Solutions

The Internet was built on open-source software, and it continues to be an important part of the digital economy. As our world becomes increasingly interconnected, with devices integrated into our homes and our daily lives, open-source solutions and open APIs are crucial tools to guarantee interoperability.  Yet, we’ve all experienced the frustration of devices not communicating seamlessly, or smart home ecosystems that don’t work as smoothly as we’d like. Addressing this very issue, the PRPL Foundation is on a mission to enable high-velocity, service-driven innovation on customer premises equipment (CPE) by harmonizing interfaces in open APIs and delivering open-source reference implementations of common infrastructure. This initiative is a significant step towards faster innovation for Internet Service Provider (ISP) customers, ensuring that our connected world operates more smoothly and efficiently.

Internet service providers (ISPs) and broadband providers who embrace open-source solutions will be more agile. Hand-in-hand with leading open-source communities, ISPs can work more quickly and be on the cutting edge, offering end-users a next-level experience. 

In mid-October, Origin AI announced that it officially joined prpl Foundation—a prominent open-source community fostering innovation in the digital home and broadband industry. Through the alliance, Origin will offer ISPs a simplified way to deploy its patented WiFi Sensing technology. This is a step forward for the broadband industry, smart spaces, and the prpl ecosystem.

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The power of open-source

Open-source licensing allows users to freely modify a work, use said work in new ways, integrate the work into a larger project, and share the work with others. A simple yet powerful practice.

Technology leaders are increasingly replacing proprietary-only software, moving towards open-source solutions. A blind survey from Red Hat’s State of Enterprise Open Source found that 95% of global IT leaders consider open-source strategically important to their overall strategy. 82% are more likely to select a vendor who contributes to the open-source community.

The top benefits of communities like prpl, which promote the use of open APIs and open-source, are: 

  • Increased scalability:  When APIs work in harmony, companies can scale up much more quickly. 
  • Cost and agility: Open-source solutions are faster and less expensive to deploy than proprietary software. This is because open-source software is not locked in, and developers can modify it to suit their needs.
  • Faster development: Open-source technologies can see very rapid iterations and potentially incorporate new features at a faster pace. They increase velocity by simplifying complex processes such as integrating a Gateway stack onto multiple platforms.
  • High-speed deployments: By cultivating a community of knowledgeable developers, prpl Foundation member companies (and those who work with them) can be the first to market with the latest developments.
  • Reliability and Interoperability: Open-source solutions provide a reliable and peer-reviewed foundation on which to build custom features and unique functionality. They also offer improved interoperability and robust APIs and SDKs for integration with other systems and products.
  • Minimizes duplication: No one is wasting or duplicating efforts in an open-source community.
  • Fosters collaboration and  innovation: Open-source promotes a free exchange of ideas within a community to drive creative, scientific, and technological advancement. It removes barriers between innovators and allows for collective innovation.

What does this open-source partnership mean for the future of broadband? 

As the newest member of prpl Foundation’s open-source community, Origin AI’s cutting-edge WiFi Sensing technology will offer broadband service providers unparalleled flexibility across various chipsets and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Together, Origin AI and prpl will support ambitious home broadband deployment initiatives as the smart home market grows by 21.3% annually within the next decade.

Using existing WiFi signals in the home, WiFi Sensing technology can detect when people are home, and which room they are in. Then, the tech automatically adjusts thermostats, lights, etc.. WiFi Sensing technology is highly accurate and can has home security, energy management, health monitoring, and digital home applications

“This collaboration underscores our commitment to supporting open-source solutions and addressing the evolving needs of the broadband industry,” said Joseph Valencia, Chief Product Officer, Origin AI. “We’re excited to partner with the prpl Foundation to streamline how broadband providers can launch new services powered by our industry-leading WiFi Sensing platform. Our solution shortens their time-to-benefit, whether that benefit is increased average revenue per user, reduced churn or incremental gross additions.”

Origin AI has deep experience working with global broadband service providers. Its partnership with prpl will help deliver optimized, secure, and interoperable solutions across digital homes. WiFi Sensing could soon become a broadband standard.

Stronger, better, faster together

Open-source solutions have become increasingly valuable in the ISP and broadband technology industry. They provide cost savings, reliability, interoperability, faster development, collaboration, innovation, and a competitive advantage. 

We are all better, and more successful, through open-source. Origin AI and prpl Foundation are committed to shaping a better future for broadband operators and their customers. 

Calling all innovative ISPs: Are you going to CES 2024?

Come talk to us and view a WiFi Sensing demo. We can level up broadband capabilities by intelligently automating energy management, home security, lighting, and more.

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